Diversity, Inclusion & Law: Legal leaders who are making meaningful change

The ground breakers who are making D&I a top priority Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is on everyone’s mind lately. We’ve all felt the shift in focus. Especially over the past year. In the last three months alone, searches for ‘diversity’ on Google have...

Make 2022 the year you master LinkedIn

How to standout on LinkedIn (Much) more than just a way to share your CV with the world, LinkedIn is a key tool for freelance lawyers and paralegals. Sharing content on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with opportunities, stay in touch with your network, reinforce...
Wake up to better sleep: tips for busy lawyers

Wake up to better sleep: tips for busy lawyers

Make time for sleep, protect against burnout A recent report by LawCare lifted the lid on some of the mental health issues impacting on lawyers and paralegals, and what we can do better as an industry. In particular, it highlighted the correlation between getting a...

Resilience for freelance lawyers

Resilience for freelance lawyers

Five lessons in building resilience There’s lots of talk about the importance of resilience, especially as we learn to live with the coronavirus and the changes it has made to our lives. But what does resilience really mean? And why does it matter? As part of our Move...


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