Welcome to our 10 top picks from 2020, with our showcase of the most popular posts on our blog through-out the year. And what a year it has been. It’s no surprise to see that three aspects of legal work stand out when we look across the list: leadership, working remotely and technology – themes we suspect will continue to be top of our list in 2021.


#10 How Obelisk is delivering legal services for Ocado

We saw the demand for online grocery shopping skyrocketing as the UK headed into lockdown. No surprise then that our readers were keen to learn more about how Ocado have been using Obelisk to help them with their legal work.


#9 How you can be more resilient

As we all had to adapt to massive changes around us, Obelisk invited legal consultant and executive coach, Julian Harris, to share his advice on how as individuals we can build our resilience and reduce stress levels.


#8 Thinking ahead to the “new normal”: in-house counsel look to build agility post-lockdown

As teams adjusted to new ways of working, our poll of in-house counsel found that 50% of them were thinking about how to build agility in their teams. New ways of tackling legal jobs in-house can help departments to be more flexible, productive and alert to the opportunities and challenges that still lie ahead.


#7 Lessons in leadership: 10 essentials for women in law

This year saw the launch of our Women Who Will report, an annual opportunity to highlight the achievements and potential of women leaders in the legal industry. We were delighted to have the opportunity to share lessons learned from some of the women featured from the legal in-house community, who had been put forward by GCs from the FTSE100.


#6 How do you keep your legal operations running if you have to work remotely?

Packed with tips drawn from our experience of remote working, this post was on hand to help in-house teams think about all the aspects of keeping legal work flowing as lockdown hit.


#5 The pressures of trying too hard: managing perfectionism during lockdown

Contributed by counsellor, ex-City lawyer and legal consultant Emilia Yau, this article was part of a series we ran to help clients and consultants look after their mental health. Legal work, with its emphasis on precision, can exacerbate perfectionism and lead to issues, Emilia offered practical tips and support.


#4 Legal leaders: lessons from lawyer turned CEO, Eoin O’Shea of Temple Grange Partners

The last few years have seen a growing number of former lawyers take on CEO and CFO roles, with Amy Weaver of Salesforce being the latest to hit the headlines.  We spoke to Eoin O’Shea of Temple Grange Partners to share his advice and insight with other lawyers who have their eye on a move to the top.


#3 How to build your presence without being physically present: a quick guide to leading remote teams

With some teams switching to dispersed working literally overnight, readers were keen to pick up our advice for leading teams without being in the same building. Whilst there are many benefits to delivering legal work remotely, leading effectively does require greater attention to communication and culture.


#2 Your first 100 days in a new role: Tips for general counsels

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of risk, governance and legal work in-house, leading to many new appointments throughout the year. Contributed by Niamh O’Keeffe, leadership advisor and author, this piece provides a checklist to help new legal leaders get off to a flying start. Read more here.


1# How to choose a Zoom virtual background for your next interview

And finally, at number one, our article providing advice and example backdrops to help lawyers make the best impression in their Zoom meetings. It’s been a year when even the  most camera-shy have had to get comfortable with video conferencing. When home spaces became workplaces for so many of us, at least our backdrops meant one less thing to worry about!


We’re looking forward to seeing what 2021 has to bring, and to helping you keep up to date on all the latest trends in the world of legal work as we move forward.